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About Us

Welcome to Next Oga In Agric

Next Oga In Agric farm is a digital Agric business investment platform that gives investors/partners the opportunity to venture into Agric/farming business right from the comfort of their home by sponsoring farms and produce under our cluster farming program

Next Oga In Agric builds a technologically driven Agric business system that connects farms with investor by offering best return on investment per period.

Our agro produce supplies are done with best global practice

All our farms at Next Oga In Agric are secured and insured with one of the leading insurance companies in Nigeria


To create TECHNOLOGICALLY DRIVEN AGRIC HUB that will facilitate Agric business knowledge , investment information.

To create a SUSTAINABLE HIGH-TECH AGRIC solution that will increase food production in Africa and create financial opportunity for all.

We believes business should be built on TRUST, HONESTY, KNOWLEDGE and CAPACITY

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