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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What is Next Oga In Agric?
Next Oga In Agric farm is a digital Agric business investment platform that gives investors/partners the opportunity to venture into Agric/farming business right from the comfort of their home by sponsoring farms and produce under our cluster farming program
Q: How does next Oga in agric investment work?
Sign up on www.nextoga.comto create your own profile
  • Confirm your details/activate
  • Select preferred investment/farm
  • Proceed to payment
  • See preview of your investment in your mail
  • Relax and expect your return on investment and capital back after stipulated period of investment
Q: How long does investment run?
Depending on the farm you select, on the average, our investment run from 4 months to about 12 months
Q: After investing, can I visit the farm where I have my unit(s) and how soon can I do that after sign up?
Any investor who will like to visit farm must give us at least two (2) weeks’ notice ahead for us to organize all interested investors together and also for us to manage our itinerary as we don’t manage one farm
Q: What is the least and most unit of farms I can invest in?
The minimum investment is 1 unit and up to the number of units we put up per time (This you will always see the number of units available for investment on the website under each farm
Q: Can I terminate my investment before the agreed farming period?
We regret to say that your investment is digitally managed and at such it will be very difficult and impossible for us to terminate any investment after sign up
Q: Is my investment in the farm I sponsor safe?
All our farms are properly secured with insurance coverage and we work with one of the leading insurance companies in the country
Q: Now that I have invested, so what is next?
First you will receive a ‘Farm investment Email’ which acknowledges receipt of sponsorship of the farm, the location of the farm you sponsored, the farm cycle tenure and the end date of your farm cycle. On a periodic basis, you will receive farm updates which keeps you abreast of all activities on your farm, from the beginning to the end of the farm cycle.
Q: What cover do I get in my insurance?
NextOgaInAgric has provided insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the investor’s capital can be refunded. The insurance covers only the initial invested capital, it does not cover the return after harvest.
Q: Where and where are NextOga’s farms?
  • Ogun State: Alapoti Village and Oke-Odan Village along Idiroko, Yewa Lga Ogun State
  • OsunState: Ilesha Town
  • Oyo State: Apenpe Village, Via Iseyin, Oyo State
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